Comparison on Code Schools from Bloc.Io

So a pretty awesome e-mail came from Bloc.Io just now - "Coding Courses Compared"

They've gone ahead and compared 10 of the more popular options for learning software development. Includes a couple of my personal favs, Coursera and Team Treehouse.

They've also included the likes of Udacity, CodeCademy, CodeSchool, ThinkFul, TeaLeaf and even the University of Phoenix. Alongside themselves, of course. Why else would they have done the comparison, right?

Anyways, some very useful data here. For the broke-asses like moi, there's Coursera and TeamTreehouse, but where does that get you? Not very far, but it depends on your goal. If you're a basic DIY'er then those two may be good enough, but if you're looking to go big time, apparently you'll have to fork out the cheddar. From as low as $1.5K on TeaLeaf at 4-8 weeks to as high as $32.8K at Phoenix University for 108 weeks. Damn. Based on the fact that you garner 2700hrs of coding experience (if you actually do the work), Phoenix seems like the IT place.

It's a decent attempt at a comparison but then... Are costs and time enough to determine best value? Is time on the keyboard all that is needed to create an awesome coder? I think not. But do you want to be an awesome coder or do you just want a job? Depends for some, but for me - awesomeness always. 

That's why we're here. We're trying to build a platform where our own community members help each other determine the best option(s) based on our own experiences.


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Just read an interesting article on the neuroscience of motivation. As much as we may trivialize scientific discoveries a lot of the times they are quite important. How does one's motivation affect the product one is building? What about the outcome?

Ok, so I FEEL FRUSTRATED that there's so much still yet to be done, but I AM POSITIVE that I will build a successful product. Let's see if that works, just have to keep repeating the positive part right?

The very first visit to the site outside myself was from America. Dunno if it was a legit visit or internet marketers but it actually gave me some hope and motivation to continue. I'm building (not trying - doing positive) a community of training advice that will help people to quickly find better means of learning and hopefully save some money too. 

Thinking I'll be 'scoping' the site as one that only caters to 'useful' stuff to be learnt, LESS IS MORE concept. Continue with the plan to provide coding advice but maybe stick to IT? Or just start with coding, move to total IT later and expand if it takes off.